Commercial & housing complex collection.

Pinto Services provides commercial and housing complex collection service for thousands of customers and properties such as condominiums, town homes, apartment communities, office buildings, hotels, malls, schools and stores. All commercial routes are serviced by our fleet of front-load and rear-load trucks.

Recycling Container

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For both households and commercial clients, Pinto Service goes beyond regular waste management with specialized services like hassle-free bulk pickup, ensuring the efficient removal of larger items. Additionally, our comprehensive recycling programs contribute to sustainable practices, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility in both residential and commercial settings.

Bulk Pickup

Pinto Service can handle special requests at reasonable prices for removal and disposal of longer and larger items such as furniture, rugs, light construction, yard waste, etc.


Our comprehensive recycling programs contribute to sustainable practices, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility in both residential and commercial settings.

Residential & Commercial Garbage Pickup FAQs

How often can my waste and recycling be picked up?

There are many ways we can customize your service in order to suit your specific needs, no matter the volume of waste and recycling your business generates. Whether you require a small size bin with only one pick up per week or several large bins with multiple pick ups per week, we’re able to fulfill your needs.

Do you offer live customer support?

At Pinto Service, we understand that each individual customer has specific needs that requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge in the industry. That is why we pride ourselves on having our trained and knowledgeable customer service staff answer all calls in house rather than utilizing a call center. When you call us, someone within our office who is equipped to provide real-time answers and solutions will be ready to assist.

What can I throw inside my front load or real load bins?

a. For “Trash Only” service, the material you’re allowed to dispose of inside your trash bin is regulated by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Specifically, the DEP limits the trash permitted inside the bin to Type 10 Municipal Solid Waste, which is defined by the DEP as follows:

  • i. Waste originating in the community consisting of household waste from private residences, commercial waste which originates in wholesale, retail or service establishments, such as, restaurants, stores, markets, theaters, hotels and warehouses, and institutional waste material originated in schools, hospitals, research institutions and public buildings.

b. For “Cardboard Only” service, you should only place clean cardboard inside these bins. Oftentimes, customers mistakenly believe they can place paper or other products that seem like cardboard, such as air filters, inside the cardboard bin. We strictly enforce our “Cardboard Only” policy. As a hauler who collects recycling materials, it is our duty to ensure our customers limit the impact on our environment while keeping our communities clean.

c. For “Single Stream” service, you are only permitted to throw out the following recyclable materials: glass, tin, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and mixed paper (i.e. newspaper, magazines, phone books, junk mail, etc.).

What items do NOT go into the trash?

Prohibited materials include, but are not limited to, construction and demolition debris, liquids including oil and grease, bulk items such as appliances and furniture, chemicals, batteries, tires, hazardous materials, wet paint, pressurized tanks, and liquid flammables.

I have a very large pile of trash that can fill up my bin several times. What should I do?

You should call our office and one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff members can work with you to determine which of the following solutions will be best for you. Some solutions may include extra pick ups, a bulk pickup, a roll off container, or a designated packer truck.

What is a bulk pickup and what are bulk items?

A bulk pickup is when a driver manually removes large or bulk items from a customer’s property with a rack track. Bulk items include large or heavy items such as furniture (i.e. couches, mattresses, bed frames, desks, tables, chairs), appliances (i.e. ovens, water coolers, washer and dryer machines, refrigerators), safes, wood or plastic pallets, televisions, etc.

I am moving out of my apartment. How can I get rid of my old furniture?

Mattresses and couches, along with other furniture, is considered bulk waste and cannot be placed inside commercial service bins. Instead, bulk items must be removed with a rack truck during a bulk pickup. Many of our customers, especially apartment complexes, require bulk pick ups on an as-needed basis. If you have furniture or appliances you need removed, please call us to schedule a bulk pick up. Please keep in mind that bulk items must be placed outside prior to our arrival.

Can bulk items be removed from inside my home or business?

We do not remove items from inside buildings. Instead, all bulk items must be placed outside prior to our arrival.