Our containers.

Refuse and recycling containers are built from the prime high quality steel slate and structural steel channel. All the containers at Pinto Service are manufactured to provide durability and reliability for its customers. Our skilled and experienced welders can also bring new life into rusted and damaged containers. All containers are delivered by our new state of the art boom truck.

2yd Plastic Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 3′ W x 3′ H

2yd Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 3′ W x 3′ H
3 Yard Container

3yd Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 3’6″ W x 4’3″ H

3yd Plastic Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 3’6″ W x 4’3″ H

4 Yard Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 4’6″ W x 4’8″ H

6yd Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 6′ W x 4’8″ H

8yd Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 6’8″ W x 5’5″ H

10yd Container

Dimensions 6′ L x 7’5″ W x 6′ H

Trash & Recycling Service FAQ

What size commercial bins do I need?

Pinto Service offers a range of commercial bin solutions to seamlessly manage all your commercial waste and recycling requirements. Our goal is to simplify the process of servicing your facilities, allowing you to concentrate on the core of your business. Our commercial service bins are available in 2-yard, 3-yard, 4-yard, 6-yard, 8-yard, or 10-yard options. Ideal for diverse businesses, including office buildings, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, apartments, housing complexes, hotels, schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, auto body shops, salons, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Choose Pinto Service for efficient and tailored waste and recycling management solutions.

What is the difference between a rear load and front load bin?

There are two types of commercial service trucks, front load and rear load (aka packer) trucks, each designed to dump a specific style of bin. A front load truck is designed to dump a front load bin with its “arms,” lifting the bin up over the front of the truck that empties the bin by turning it upside down over the body of the truck. This has become the most common type of truck used in the industry for commercial trash and recycling collection. Alternatively, rear load trucks dump rear load bins by means of hooking a cable from the back of the truck to the back of a bin and lifting the bin until it tilts the contents into the rear of the truck. Rear load trucks are also used to manually collect pallets of material from loading docks and even loose material on the ground.

Where will my commercial bins be located?

The placement of your trash and/or recycling bins will vary based upon the layout of your property. Most commonly, our bins are placed inside corrals specifically built to store commercial service bins, especially for housing complexes like apartment buildings, condos and townhouses. Some customers prefer storing their bins inside their building or business, which will require them to bring their bin outside the night before or the morning of their scheduled pick up. Other customers prefer to have their bins located in the back of their building by loading docks, where they can be easily accessed by their business’s employees as well as our trucks. No matter the need or the layout, our sales team will be happy to consult with you to find the most efficient and effective placement to suit your needs.