Roll-off Containers for Recycling.

In New Jersey, recycling is the law. Pinto Service provides separate roll-off containers for your large recycling needs such as corrugated, concrete, wood asphalt, yard waste, dirt, and more.

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Feel free to reach out at any time with questions regarding our recycling process. We’d be happy to help!

Glass is collected weekly in receptacles provided to the customers where large volumes are discarded such as in bars, night clubs, and food establishments.

We offer single stream recycling which allows the freedom of placing all the recyclables in the same receptacle without having to sort based on the types of recyclable material.

Roll-Off Recycling FAQs

I am demolishing my house and have a large amount of specific types of materials. What materials can be recycled?

If your project requires removal of a large volume of a particular material, there’s a good chance it can be recycled. We sell roll off containers with special pricing when they’re used exclusively for each of the following materials: clean concrete; mixed masonry (including concrete, pavers and bricks); brick; dirt; asphalt; vegetative waste; stumps; single stream; and cardboard.

I am doing a yard cleanup. What can I put inside the roll off container designated for vegetative waste?

Vegetative waste includes shrubs, tree branches, tree trunks, leaves, and grass. Vegetative waste does not include dirt and stumps.

What is the difference between a roll off container designated for clean concrete as opposed to mixed masonry?

A container for clean concrete can only have concrete and concrete block, and must not contain any painted concrete or rebar. A container for mixed masonry can have a combination of concrete, pavers, brick, Belgian block, marble, granite and similar types of stone.

What are the restrictions for a container designated for dirt?

A container for dirt must be filled exclusively with dirt. While it is normal to have earth stones mixed in with dirt, the stones must be smaller than a football in size. Boulders, grass and other vegetative waste is prohibited in a dirt container.