In New Jersey, recycling is the law. Pinto Service provides separate roll-off containers for your large recycling needs such as cardboard, concrete, wood,  asphalt, yard waste, dirt, and more.

For commercial and multi-family customers,cardboard and single stream recycling containers are also available.

Have questions?

Feel free to reach out at any time with questions regarding our recycling process. We’d be happy to help!

Glass is collected weekly in receptacles provided to the customers where large volumes are discarded such as in bars, night clubs, and food establishments.

We offer single stream recycling which allows the freedom of placing all the recyclables in the same receptacle without having to sort based on the types of recyclable material.

Residential & Commercial Recycling Pickup FAQs

What items and materials are recyclable?

a. For “Cardboard Only” recycling, you should only place corrugated cardboard inside your bin. Oftentimes, customers mistakenly believe they can place paper or other products that seem like cardboard, such as air filters, inside the Cardboard Only bin. We strictly enforce our “Cardboard Only” policy. As a hauler who collects recycling materials, it is our duty to ensure our customers limit the impact on our environment while keeping our communities clean.

b. For “Single Stream” service, you are only permitted to place inside the bin the following recyclable materials: glass, tin, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and mixed paper (i.e. newspaper, magazines, phone books, junk mail, etc.).

What happens if my recycling bin is contaminated with trash?

a. If your Cardboard Only or Single Stream Only bin is loaded with trash or other non-recyclable material, please call our office to so we can collaborate to decide the best course of action. Most often, customers agree to have the bin dumped as a contaminated load for a fee. Alternatively, customers pick out the trash that is contaminating the recycling bin.

b. We also offer lidlock mechanisms that can be installed for a fee, which can be used to deter illegal dumpers from accessing your bins.