Pinto Service Testimonial for PKF O’Connor Davies

Nov 24, 2023

Transcript from June 2018

My name is Charlie Pinto, President of Pinto Service, also Vice President of National Transfer and co-owner with my brother Steve for various residential and commercial properties.

Accounting to me is Cornerstone. In 1982, we started with PKF O’Connor Davies and from there—through their acquisitions and their growth—we grew with them.

It’s not only what you make in revenue, it’s also what you save. If you don’t have good people behind you, you’re not going to get that full value.

My connection with Joe Fazio is very strong. We’ve been with him for 25 years. He’s been more than just an accountant; he’s a friend, and I can almost call him family. We’ve been with him for so long that he knows everything about us—and that’s what makes it very important because you can’t have an accountant, or an accounting firm, that doesn’t click with you.

If I can sum up my experience with PKF O’Connor Davies it is: Being personal, knowing everything—knowing what we need—and being there for us.